Dawna stolica Królestwa Erenlandu
Obecna nominalna stolica Królestwa Erenlandu

Kilkudziesięciutysięczne miasto, wyraźna polaryzacja społeczna. Nomenklatura przy władzy cieszy się luksusami, podczas gdy reszta mieszkańców mieszka w podupadłych dzielnicach.

Władze miasta

Kalif Jahzir Kamael (oficjalnie)
Książe Ahvazi Abbas, sussar pomiędzy sussarami (w praktyce)


The shining example of southern culture known as the “City of the King” is relatively new compared to many of the other cities in the south that were built over the remains of the Dorns who came before. Alvedara was built with a grandiose architecture that rivals any other human settlement. Filled with whitewashed towers capped by golden domes and high spanning arches, Alvedara is every bit the seat of power in Southern Erenland. It straddles the Eren to form, at its center, the only major non-ferry crossing south of the Ardune, called the Twin Bridge Towers of the Kalif. Sadly, one of the towers remains sundered to this day, a reminder of the fall of the Sarcosan monarchy.
The corrupt princes of Alvedara throw lavish parties and maintain the luxury of their previous lifestyles despite the occupation. The important citizens of Alvedara are rewarded with invitations to these galas and gifts to ensure their continued loyalty, while slums spread on the edges of the city and many go hungry. The false sussars proclaim that only those who are dishonorable sheol are starving, and that if the sheol were to show their efforts and loyalty, they too would be rewarded with the gifts of Izrador.


Quarter to Midnight Lgaard